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12000 MAH Charge Rapid Portable Power Bank Avec LED


Portable chargers have come a long way in recent years. This small power bank offers incredibly fast charging speeds when you're on the go. Plus, the LED display is easy to read so you always know how much power you have.

LOTS OF POWER: The internal battery has a huge capacity of 12,000 mAh. That's enough juice to charge an iPhone X more than 3 times. It's a perfect blend of power and portability.

QUICK CHARGE COMPATIBLE: Do you own one of those high-end smartphones that supports Quick Charge 2.0 or 3.0? You're lucky! This power bank supports fast charging and can output a maximum output of 18W.

ALUMINUM CHASSIS: The aluminum body is an ideal material because it is lightweight and offers excellent heat dissipation. The matte black finish looks professional.

EASY TO READ: The power bank even has a handy digital LED so you know how much power you have on hand.

PORTABLE: The charger is small and compact, so you can have portable power at any time. Throw it in your bag or pocket. Portability is ideal for travel, vacation, emergency, camping, hunting, etc. The possibilities are endless, you can even charge your phone on a plane/train/bus. With portable power, you can charge anytime, anywhere!

RECHARGE AND REUSE: There are 2 ways to recharge the Power Bank: Micro USB connection or USB-C connection. FYI, the USB-C connection is a faster method.

CHARGE 2 DEVICES AT ONCE: There are 2 ports: 1 USB port and 1 Type-C port. Simply connect your phone or tablet to the USB port or Type-C port with your own cable. You can even use both ports to charge 2 devices at the same time.

SPECIFICATIONS: USB-C input: DC5V-3A/DC9V-2A. USB-C DC5V-3A/DC9V-2A/DC12V-1.5A. Weight: 9 ounces. Dimensions 137x71x14mm. CE/FCC/ROHS certified with built-in smart chip to prevent overcharging.